13 Most Popular PHP Projects on GitHub by Star Rating

Ever thought PHP was losing its charm? Think again. The most popular PHP projects on GitHub are leading a revolution.

GitHub stars twinkling in the sky, guiding developers, but what’s stopping you from joining the constellation?

I’ve navigated the PHP galaxy for years, stars align when you dive into these top projects.


1. Nextcloud Server


Nextcloud Server

Issues: 2.3k

Pull Requests: 393

Stars: 25.3k

Forks: 3.8k

What it is: The GitHub page for Nextcloud server is about a tool that lets you keep your files, like photos and documents, safe on your own computer or server. It’s like making your own personal Dropbox or Google Drive, but you control it.

You can get to your files from anywhere, share them with others, and keep everything private and secure. Nextcloud can also do more with extra apps for things like calendars and contacts. It’s made so that anyone can help make it better or change it to fit their needs.


2. PHPMailer



Issues: 39

Pull Requests: 13

Stars: 20.4k

Forks: 9.7k

What it is: The GitHub page for PHPMailer is about a tool that helps websites send emails. Imagine you’re using a website that needs to send you an email, like when you forget your password and need a new one. PHPMailer is a helper for those websites, making it easy for them to send these emails.

It’s like giving websites a simple way to talk to email services so they can send you messages. This tool is really popular because it can do a lot of email-related tasks very well, like sending emails with pictures or files attached. It’s also designed for anyone to help improve or customize it to their needs.


3. Flysystem by The PHP League


Flysystem by The PHP League

Issues: 58

Pull Requests: 11

Stars: 13.3k

Forks: 821

What it is: The GitHub page for Flysystem is about a tool that makes working with files easy, no matter where they’re stored. Think of it as a universal remote control for files.

Whether your files are on your computer, on a cloud service like Dropbox, or somewhere else, Flysystem lets you work with them in the same way. You can move files around, read them, and write new ones without having to worry about the details of how each storage system works.

It’s like having a magic key that works with every lock. This makes it super handy for developers who build websites or apps that need to deal with lots of files in different places.


4. Rector by RectorPHP


Rector by RectorPHP

Issues: 10

Pull Requests: 0

Stars: 8.1k

Forks: 661

What it is: The GitHub page for Rector is about a tool that helps programmers update their code easily. Imagine you have an old book that uses very old words, and you want to update it to use modern words. Rector does something similar but for computer code.

It takes old ways of writing code and automatically updates them to newer, better ways. This is especially helpful because the world of computer programming is always changing, and keeping code up-to-date can be a lot of work.

Rector helps by doing much of this automatically, saving time and making sure the code stays modern and secure. It’s like having a smart assistant who’s always ready to help you improve your code.


5. Nextcloud All-in-One


Nextcloud All-in-One

Issues: 8

Pull Requests: 14

Stars: 3.8k

Forks: 484

What it is: The GitHub page for Nextcloud All-in-One is about making it super easy to set up your own cloud storage. Imagine wanting your own private Google Drive or Dropbox, but feeling overwhelmed by all the technical steps. Nextcloud All-in-One simplifies this by putting everything you need into one package.

It’s like getting a ready-to-go kit for your cloud storage, where you can save files, photos, and more, all under your control. This tool is especially handy for people who want their own cloud but don’t want to deal with complicated setups. It’s a straightforward way to start storing your data privately, with less fuss.


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6. WP-GraphQL



Issues: 89

Pull Requests: 18

Stars: 3.6k

Forks: 444

What it is: The GitHub page for WP GraphQL is about a tool that makes WordPress websites talk more efficiently with other websites and apps. Imagine your WordPress site as a store, and WP GraphQL as a super fast delivery service that gets orders (data) to customers (other websites and apps) quickly and in exactly the way they asked.

This tool uses a special way of sending data called GraphQL, which is like asking for just the ingredients you need to make a meal, instead of getting the whole pantry.

It’s great because it lets developers ask for specific information from a WordPress site without getting unnecessary stuff, making everything run smoother and faster. This is especially useful for people building mobile apps or web services that need to work closely with WordPress content.


7. Pimcore



Issues: 334

Pull Requests: 54

Stars: 3.1k

Forks: 1.4k

What it is: The GitHub page for Pimcore is about a tool that helps businesses manage and display their data, digital assets, and content across various channels.

Think of it as a big digital toolbox that lets companies organize everything from pictures and videos to documents and product information all in one place. Pimcore makes it easy to create and manage websites, online shops, and digital signage, ensuring that the right content gets to the right people at the right time.

It’s like having a digital librarian, marketer, and shopkeeper all rolled into one, making sure that everything online about the business is organized and looks good. This tool is especially useful for businesses looking to streamline how they handle their digital presence and want to make sure they provide a consistent, high-quality experience to their customers.


8. Shopware



Issues: 626

Pull Requests: 46

Stars: 2.6k

Forks: 934

What it is: The GitHub page for Shopware is about a tool that lets people create online stores. Imagine you want to sell things online, like clothes or gadgets, but you’re not sure how to build a website for it. Shopware gives you all the pieces you need to put together your own online shop, like adding products, setting prices, and designing how it looks.

It’s like a big LEGO set for building online stores. You can pick and choose the parts you need to make your store just right. This tool is great for business owners who want to sell things on the internet but need help with the technical stuff. It’s designed to be flexible, so you can make your store unique and fitting to what you sell.


9. FreeScout Helpdesk


FreeScout Helpdesk

Issues: 24

Pull Requests: 1

Stars: 2.5k

Forks: 441

What it is: The GitHub page for FreeScout is about a tool that helps businesses talk to their customers. Imagine you have a shop, and lots of customers come in every day asking questions, needing help, or giving feedback. FreeScout is like a digital helper that keeps all those customer messages organized in one place. It works like an email inbox, but it’s designed for customer service.

You can reply to customers, keep track of different conversations, and even work with a team, so everyone knows who is helping which customer. It’s useful for any business that gets a lot of emails and wants to make sure no customer is overlooked. FreeScout makes it easier to keep customers happy by helping you respond quickly and keep conversations organized.


10. LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle



Issues: 86

Pull Requests: 19

Stars: 2.5k

Forks: 610

What it is: The GitHub page for LexikJWTAuthenticationBundle is about a security tool for websites built with Symfony, which is a way to create websites. Imagine your website as a house, and you want to make sure that only your friends (authorized users) can come in.

This tool acts like a high-tech lock that uses special digital keys, known as JWT (JSON Web Tokens), to let people in.

When someone tries to enter, they need the correct digital key. If they have it, the door opens; if not, it stays locked. This keeps your website safe from strangers. It’s great for any website that needs to make sure who is accessing it, like online shops or user accounts.

In simple terms, it’s a way to check who is allowed to use your website and keep it secure.


11. WordPress Coding Standards


WordPress Coding Standards

Issues: 181

Pull Requests: 10

Stars: 2.4k

Forks: 460

What it is: The GitHub page for WordPress Coding Standards is like a rulebook for building things with WordPress, which is a popular tool for making websites.

Imagine you’re putting together a big puzzle, but all the pieces look different. This rulebook helps everyone make their puzzle pieces the same way, so they fit together perfectly. It tells programmers the best way to write their code so that everything works well and is easy for others to understand.

This is super important because lots of people work on WordPress sites, and having a common set of rules means less confusion and fewer problems. It’s like agreeing on the rules of a game before you start playing. This makes it easier for everyone to play their part in building and improving WordPress websites.


12. UNIT3D Community Edition by HDInnovations


UNIT3D Community Edition by HDInnovations

Issues: 26

Pull Requests: 17

Stars: 1.8k

Forks: 358

What it is: The GitHub page for UNIT3D Community Edition is about a special tool used for creating and managing a community website, often for sharing files or media. Imagine you want to build a place online where people can come together to share movies, music, or games. UNIT3D Community Edition gives you the building blocks to make that website.

It’s designed to be really good at handling lots of data, like large files, and keeping everything organized so users can find and share what they’re interested in. This tool is also focused on making sure that the community runs smoothly and everyone follows the rules, with features to help manage users and what they share.

In short, it’s a starting point for anyone wanting to create a community around sharing and discussing media, with all the necessary tools to keep it running well.


13. EspoCRM



Issues: 47

Pull Requests: 6

Stars: 1.5k

Forks: 511

What it is: The GitHub page for EspoCRM is about a tool that helps businesses manage their relationships with customers. Imagine you have a store, and you want to remember every customer’s favorite products, their birthdays, and the last time they visited so you can make them feel special. EspoCRM is like a digital notebook that keeps all these details for you.

It lets you track sales, support customers through emails or calls, and even plan marketing emails. This tool is great for keeping everything organized in one place, so you never forget a customer’s needs or miss a chance to make a sale. It’s designed to be easy to use, whether you’re a small shop or a big company.

In simple terms, it’s like having a smart assistant that helps you understand your customers better and build stronger relationships with them.





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