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It can be stressful and time-consuming to find the right nearshore company to hire a Symfony Developer from. A good Symfony developer must be smart, responsible, hardworking, and have proven skills. 

By using our AI matching algorithm, we can help your organization find the right developer for your project. The combination of data and personal interviews ensures you will have a perfect match for your team. 

Our goal is to help you hire Symfony developers that will contribute quality code from day one. Due to this, we’ve refined our hiring process over the last several years, and many fast-growing startups rely on it. Our Symfony Software Developers will add expertise to your team. Hire a PHP Symfony Developer today.

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As our engineers are located in Brazil, they are available to work US hours to communicate and integrate with your existing team.

South American Pricing

Our team consists of talented and experienced software developers from South America who want to work with US companies.

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All local employment taxes and employee benefits are handled by us, you just pay a flat-rate monthly or hourly rate.

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With us, you can hire a skilled professional who has passed our testing process.


Went above and beyond when there was a management deficiency on our side, they stepped in to help and made sure the project was delivered on time.
Hendrik Duerkop
Director Technology at Statista
They provided the key technical skills and staffing power we needed to augment our existing teams. Not only that, it was all done at great speed and low cost
Jason Pappas
CEO Rocket Docs
Showcased great communication, technical skills, honesty, and integrity. More importantly, they are experts who deliver complex projects on time and on budget!
Sachin Kainth
Director Technology MountStreetGroup

What is Symfony?

A web application built in PHP can be developed more quickly using the Symfony micro web framework, a free, open source framework. It’s a powerful PHP web application framework that provides developers with a wide range of tools and features for building robust and scalable web applications. Here are some of the reasons why Symfony is a great web framework for PHP:

Modularity and Flexibility

Symfony is designed to be highly modular and flexible, allowing developers to use only the components they need for their specific project. This modular approach makes it easy to build custom web applications with a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

Powerful Features

Symfony provides a wide range of powerful features, including a robust ORM (Object-Relational Mapping) system, a flexible routing system, a powerful templating engine, and built-in support for authentication and authorization. These features make it easy to build complex and feature-rich web applications.

Testing and Debugging Tools

Symfony includes a suite of testing and debugging tools, including a built-in profiler and debug toolbar, which make it easy to identify and fix issues in web applications. This can save developers time and effort in the development process.

Symfony is a powerful and flexible PHP web application framework that provides developers with the tools they need to build robust and scalable web applications. Its modularity, powerful features, testing and debugging tools, active community, and comprehensive documentation make it a great choice for PHP developers who want to build custom web applications with a high degree of flexibility and scalability.

Hire A With Us! Fast

José da Silva

Symfony Web Developer

7+ Years of PHP 6+ Years of Symfony. Has worked for both startups and larger corporates.


Antônio dos Santos

Symfony Developer

10+ Years of PHP 8+ Years of Symfony. Has over a decade of professional PHP development.


Carlos Pereira

Symfony Software Engineer

8+ Years of PHP 5+ Years of Symfony. Great teamwork he previously specialized in ecommerce.

What does a Symfony Developer do?

Web applications are created using the PHP programming language and the Symfony framework by Symfony developers. The role of senior PHP Symfony developer includes selecting frameworks and architecture for PHP projects, overseeing development, troubleshooting problems, and testing code. Additionally, Symfony developers create user interfaces and integrate data storage solutions, such as databases. 

A typical Symfony developer’s duties include creating websites, software, and applications using PHP. While Symfony developers are not required to have formal qualifications, many do hold a bachelor’s degree. 

In order to qualify for this position, you must have extensive programming experience as well as knowledge of Symfony software and web development. In addition, Symfony Developers should be proficient in analytical skills, have experience with business requirements, and be familiar with common programming tools. 

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The Best way to Hire a Symfony Developer?

Here are two simple steps you can follow to hire a Symfony developer:

  1. Send us your requirements by clicking on the box below. Make sure you describe the project and what you need in the description.

  2. Interview PHP Symfony developers. Create a shortlist of professionals you’d like to interview as the proposals come in.

Your requirement description is the first step in defining your project scope and the type of PHP Symfony developer you need.

Include the following details for a fast response:

  • Describe the scope of the project: Include all the deliverables you will need, such as websites, APIs, and big data analytics.

  • If this is a smaller or larger project, you should indicate this in your job posting.

  • Experience in particular industries, such as finance, can be mentioned here if that is your preference.

  • The preference you have for hourly rates versus priced monthly contracts should be noted.

How much does it cost to Hire a Symfony Developer?

Several factors influence cost, including expertise, experience, location, and market conditions.

  • Moreover, an experienced PHP Symfony developer will provide higher-quality results, work faster, and have a wider knowledge base.

  • Juniors may price their Symfony development services more competitively as they gain experience. 

The hourly rate for our South American PHP Symfony developers is as follows:


Prices From
  • Works to U.S time zones
  • No Recruitment Fees
  • Vetted Skills & Experience
  • Fulltime Working for you
  • No Unreliable Freelancers


Prices From
  • Works to U.S time zones
  • No Recruitment Fees
  • Vetted Skills & Experience
  • Fulltime Working for you
  • No Unreliable Freelancers


Prices From
  • Works to U.S time zones
  • No Recruitment Fees
  • Vetted Skills & Experience
  • Fulltime Working for you
  • No Unreliable Freelancers

Recruit Symfony Developers from South America with us!

You should note that the prices of developers are going to differ slightly based on the exact skill and experience requirements and their availability.

Choose the one that works best for your project depending on its specifics.

What does PHP Symfony code look like?

As an object-oriented programming language, PHP (which Symfony is a framework for) is a popular choice. Each method and attribute of an object is associated with a class in PHP. Real-life objects, such as cars, are objects. In addition to attributes, the car also has methods, such as drive and brake.

Symfony is a PHP web framework referenced from the PHP code. This means that Symfony code is simply PHP code using the Symfony framework. The Symfony framework is used to route web requests and process inputs in a scalable way.

In Fibonacci series, next number is the sum of previous two numbers for example 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55 etc. The first two numbers of Fibonacci series are 0 and 1. 

Below is some PHP Symfony code that generates the first 500 numbers in the Fibonacci sequence and writes them to a webpage:


namespace App\Controller;

use Symfony\Bundle\FrameworkBundle\Controller\AbstractController;
use Symfony\Component\HttpFoundation\Response;

class FibonacciController extends AbstractController
    public function fibonacciSequence(): Response
        $sequence = [0, 1];
        for ($i = 2; $i < 500; $i++) {
            $sequence[$i] = $sequence[$i - 1] + $sequence[$i - 2];
        return $this->render('fibonacci.html.twig', ['sequence' => $sequence]);

This code defines a controller class named FibonacciController that generates the first 500 numbers of the Fibonacci sequence and returns them to a view file named fibonacci.html.twig.

To display the Fibonacci sequence on a webpage, create a new template file named fibonacci.html.twig and include the following code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
    <title>Fibonacci Sequence</title>
    <h1>Fibonacci Sequence</h1>
        {% for number in sequence %}
            <li>{{ number }}</li>
        {% endfor %}

This template file includes a heading, and an unordered list that displays each number in the Fibonacci sequence. The sequence is passed into the template as a variable called sequence, and is displayed using a for loop and the {{ }} Twig syntax.

Some Questions to ask when you hire a Symfony developer

Why do you like to use PHP with Symfony for web development?

In answering, the candidate has the opportunity to discuss their PHP programming experience and Symfony framework preferences. Do they prefer writing functional or object-oriented code?

How do you check the quality of your code?

PHP Symfony web projects require quality control to ensure the end results are what was expected. Ask the developer about the quality control process they use if they use any specific PHP development tools. Testing PHP Symfony code for bugs and figuring out ways to fix them is essential for engineers.


When you read someone else’s code, what do you look for

Providing an answer to this question will provide insight into their thought processes when coding. How should you write code? What is the most important thing to keep in mind? Functionality is important to them, how much? Is simplicity important to them? Is security important to them?

Do you prefer Working Alone or within a team?

The answer to this question can be any combination of skills PHP software engineers have. It may be important to you to hire an engineer who is hardworking and can work independently. As opposed to that, you might want someone who works well with others and can slot seamlessly into an existing team.

How did you go about solving the last problem you encountered?

Describe how you approach and solve problems by answering this question. Their ability to solve problems under pressure will be demonstrated.

In addition, this isn’t necessarily just a PHP coding issue, even though it might be.  The problem can be related to teamwork. In the case of disagreements with colleagues, they could explain how they reached an agreement.

Effective conflict resolution will show that they are capable of cooperating with others.

PHP Symfony Development History

Symfony is a popular PHP web application framework that was developed by Fabien Potencier, a French software engineer, who wanted to create a framework that would make it easier for developers to build complex web applications.

Potencier initially developed Symfony for use in his own projects, but soon released it as an open-source project. The first stable version of Symfony, version 1.0, was released in 2007.

Since then, Symfony has grown in popularity and is now widely used by developers around the world. 

Today, Symfony is widely regarded as one of the most powerful and flexible PHP web application frameworks available, with a large and active community of developers contributing to its development and expansion. Fabien Potencier remains involved in the development of Symfony as its lead developer and one of its primary contributors.

Laravel Vs Symfony

smyfony vs laravel

Symfony and Laravel are popular PHP web application frameworks with different strengths and weaknesses.

Symfony is known for its modularity and flexibility, powerful features, testing and debugging tools, and active community. However, it has a steep learning curve and can generate a lot of boilerplate code.

Laravel, on the other hand, is designed to be easy to use and has a large and active community. It provides powerful features and a comprehensive ORM system. However, it can be less flexible and slower than other frameworks due to its opinionated approach and heavy use of abstraction layers.

Ultimately, the choice between Symfony and Laravel depends on the specific needs of the project and the preferences of the developer. Symfony is a great choice for those who prioritize flexibility and modularity, while Laravel is a good choice for those who prioritize ease of use and performance.

Why hire a Symfony Developer with us?

With excellent prices, we provide high quality Nearshore Technology Solutions. Providing high-performance, scalable solutions is our goal. 

Our programming expertise and project management skills enable us to accelerate or rescue development projects. As your project develops, we strive to add lasting value. 

Since 2014, we have matched hundreds of skilled developers to great teams at startups and tech companies around the world.

PHP Symfony developers are fully integrated into your organization, becoming dedicated members of your team.

Our PHP Symfony developers undergo a thorough vetting process to ensure they are capable of communicating, working remotely, and possessing technical skills (not only to check for depth in PHP and Symfony, but also to check for breadth of computer science and software development knowledge).

More Economical Rates

Outsourcing helps companies reduce costs. There is a cost advantage to hiring software engineers outside the United States. In addition, your overall employment costs will be significantly reduced. You will not be charged US or European employment taxes, benefits, redundancy liabilities, or office space fees.

Expand Faster

In any industry, expanding or downsizing quickly can be a great competitive advantage. With our Brazilian developers, your business will be able to grow and shrink as needed.

Benefit From Our Experience

By outsourcing software development, you’re partnering with a company that has many years of experience guiding businesses toward their goals. You can be sure that your application will be delivered on schedule and within budget.

What use Symfony to do?

By providing clear, simple interfaces, helpful documentation, a comprehensive test suite, and careful consideration of production issues, Symfony strives to provide exceptional developer experience. On top of Werkzeug and Jinja, Symfony demonstrates how to build a thin layer.

In addition to Media and eCommerce websites, Symfony can also be used to create health care and financial applications for transportation and booking, social media sites, and more. The framework can be used to develop the following types of projects and more:

types of website

How do you test the coding skills of a Symfony Developer?

Code Test

Combined with other questions, technical code tests are an essential part of the hiring process. It is important, however, to customize each test according to your specific requirements and skills. To hire a candidate, you need to know exactly what you expect from them. A Symfony developer test, for instance, should include both PHP and Symfony framework knowledge.

A good coding assessment test asks the right questions, in the right format, to determine a candidate’s skills and potential. Candidates are evaluated not only on their technical abilities, but also on their soft skills. 

Looking to take advantage of South American rates for PHP Symfony Developers?

What is the best way to organise PHP Symfony Developers?

Managing development teams with diverse skill sets is essential when hiring Symfony developers. Technical talent must also be retained with a strong management structure, whether they work full-time or in hybrid teams.

Define clear objectives to obtain great results

Objectives and key results (OKRs) can be defined by product owners, developers, and architects to facilitate alignment on measurable success criteria. With the team’s help, leaders define the objective, and then they discuss, debate, and determine the key results.

OKRs should be defined regularly as a best practice. A frequent definition and measurement of OKRs can be costly; an infrequent definition and measurement can cause teams to lose sight of the goals. Examples include:

  • It may be possible to reduce page response time, increase app availability, or reduce error rates in order to increase application reliability.

  • A reduction in build time and automated testing may be required to improve deployment reliability.

How to Manage

Have a reliable process and choose a methodology

There have been many praises for agile methodologies among PHP Symfony developers. Plan a release or sprint schedule.

Oftentimes, a one-week sprint is not enough time to complete large user stories, but a two-week sprint usually allows for vacations and unexpected issues. Daily stand-up meetings are necessary for developers to keep track of their projects (and ask for help when necessary).

The team members must communicate well

An engineering manager must be able to communicate effectively both with customers and the organization as a whole. It is important for a PHP Symfony Developer to understand your customers, target audience, as well as the rest of the organization’s needs. 

When your target audience’s needs are defined, you can develop software that is useful and profitable. Communication with external teams and partners should be handled directly by PHP developers when necessary.

We can help you organise your development team efficiently

PHP Symfony development teams and Agile methodologies can be managed by us. Working software over comprehensive documentation, customer relationships over contract negotiations, and reacting to change over planning are key principles. 

We believe Agile implementation goes beyond adopting a methodology.  In order to help you choose the right Agile methodology, we look into your business and understand how you work. A right working methodology increases productivity, reduces time-to-market, and reduces defects. 

Enable Developer

How long does the average PHP Symfony Developer job last?

Depending on the company, Symfony Developers in the US stay between 1.8 and 3.2 years in their jobs. In Brazil, people spend on average between 2.4 and 4.1 years, with those in Sao Paulo spending the least time. Formerly a developer would often spend their entire career with one company.

Now it is not uncommon for experienced Senior PHP Symfony developers to move from job to job fairly quickly, seeking new opportunities and more money. This market is flooded with tech pros with mobile, cloud, and other in-demand skills, so they can easily switch from one job to another. It is important to communicate with employees, and we provide perks to get and keep the best employees.

leaving job

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Our services are trusted by hundreds of startups and tech companies worldwide, and we have matched numerous skilled developers to great development teams in the US, UK and Canada. Every Symfony developer in our network goes through a vetting process to verify their communication abilities, remote work readiness, and technical skills, both for depth in PHP and breadth across the greater programming domain.

The job description of a PHP Symfony Developer should include the following:

  • Developing, implementing, and managing software

  • New program testing and evaluation

  • Enhancing existing programs by identifying areas for improvement

  • Coding in an efficient manner

  • Analyzing operational feasibility

  • Establishing procedures for quality assurance

  • Implementing software tools, processes, and metrics

  • Upgrades and maintenance of existing systems

  • Assisting other developers, UX designers, and business analysts with their tasks

It’s not enough to just ship features; your software needs to help your business succeed. In order to better understand what you’re building, for whom, and why, we’ll begin our collaboration with a discovery process.

Our headquarters are in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We have clients from all over the world. We have successfully collaborated with companies in North America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. A good understanding of each client and excellent English communication skills help the process run smoothly.

We can work with you to scale the team down as needed and make sure you have the correct skills required for each project phase.

All Types! You can hire a PHP Developer on a full-time, part-time, or contract-to-hire basis at Hire PHP Developer. You can find a Symfony developer in a time zone that suits your needs thanks to our global network of skilled software engineers. Developers who work remotely for us are all mid- and senior-level professionals, ready to code right away.